Revolt Against Al Qa'ida: A Strategy to Empower Muslims and Collapse International Insurgency

The failure of classic counterterrorism tactics to defeat al-Qa'ida is discussed thoroughly in this strategic proposition. Redefining al-Qa'ida as a media organization filled with Internet-savvy inciters, rather than an entity that is susceptible to police and military force, it suggests a calculated policy change for governments, partner nations, and Muslim communities. The real-world examples here show how these organizations can relentlessly exploit al-Qa'ida’s critical vulnerability—its violent ideology—to effectively destroy its ability to attract Muslims to its cause. This book also shows how media and web campaigns can inspire Muslim communities to vigilance and even active resistance against al-Qa'ida’s recruitment efforts, as well as delivering cutting-edge recommendations to drown out the organization’s propaganda.


About the Author

   Howard Gambrill Clark has served as a senior intelligence analyst for counter-radicalization at the Department of Homeland Security and as a presidential policy analyst. A former U.S. marine officer, he led intelligence operations in Iraq and commanded more than 40 counterterrorism missions for the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency. He lives in Washington, DC.