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Game Changers
Going Local to Defeat Violent Extremists

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The Pakistan-Afghan Borderland: Pashtun Tribes Descending into Extremism [Kindle Edition]

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Game Changers
Going Local to
Defeat Violent Extremists

BY: LTC (ret) D. Scott Mann
Special Forces

368 pages w/illustrations
Hardback: $24.95
Paperback: $14.95
Kindle: $9.99
iTunes: $9.99

SPECIAL NOTE: It is cost prohibative to mail this book OCONUS/Overseas unless shipping to an APO Address. Recommend eBook purchase (Kindle or iTunes) for those OCONUS/Overseas without an APO Address.

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Revolt Against Al Qa'ida:
A Strategy to Empower Muslims and Collapse International Insurgency

BY: Howard Gambrill Clark

272 Pages
Paperback: $12.86

GOAT GAME: Thirteen Tales from the Afghan Frontier

BY:Lieutenant Colonel Wickliffe "Wick" Walker

168 Pages
Paperback: $9.95
Kindle: $7.49

Amazigh: The Berbers of Morocco

BY:Arturo G. Munoz

Soft Cover – 149 pages
Price: $22.95
Shipping: $3.99


Passing It On

BY: General Sir Andrew Skeen
Reprint of 1932 Edition

Hard Cover – 124 pages
Price: $19.95
Shipping: $3.99


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